People with dentures should take extra care to clean their tongue. The tongue has several rough surfaces to help you break down your food while eating, and these contours can hide plaque and bacteria which can cause a lot of problems, including bad breath if left unchecked.

You should brush your tongue after you’re done cleaning your dentures. Brush using a non-abrasive toothpaste and making small circle motions on the tongue. Be sure that you brush the sides of the tongue in addition to the top. Doing this will make sure you get rid of bacteria and help freshen your mouth.

Some people may wish to use a tongue scraper to make sure the tongue is fully cleaned. A tongue scraper normally has a small plastic handle on one end and a circular blade on the other. Using the scraper correctly consists of rubbing back and forth over the tongue. Afterward, rinse the blade to prevent buildup.

After you are done cleaning the tongue, you should use an antiseptic mouthwash to make sure any plaque or bacteria that you missed is cleaned away and also to freshen your breath. Any leftover bacteria will develop plaque and bad breath.

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