Dr. Morelli recommends that you visit our office at least twice a year for a routine dental cleaning to help you prevent gum disease and other dental problems. At Brookfield Family Dentistry, LLC, we also provide many other services and treatments designed to prevent and treat gum disease based on your unique needs. We invite you to contact our team if you are interested in discussing your treatment options for gum diseases like gingivitis.

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Also known as periodontal disease, gum disease is a common oral health condition that begins with a buildup of harmful bacteria found in plaque and, when left unaddressed, progresses into major oral problems, such as tooth loss and irreversible deterioration of bone. While gum disease is reversible in its earliest stages, during which it can be identified by inflammation and infection in the gums, many symptoms of the later stages of gum disease, including gum recession and tooth loss, are not conducive to natural recovery and may need additional dental treatment to correct.

If you have found that your gums bleed easily when flossing or brushing your teeth, or are generally swollen or tender, you may be experiencing an early stage of gum disease, and we encourage you to visit our office for a professional cleaning and examination to help you stop its progression. Depending on the severity of your gum disease, symptoms may also include pockets developing around the teeth, persistent bad breath, loose teeth or teeth that appear too long due to gum recession.

If you believe you may have gum disease, our Brookfield dentist and team have advanced training in periodontics and can work with you to help you find the right treatment for your smile. Your personalized treatment plan may include professional dental cleanings and scaling and root planing, improved oral hygiene habits, antibiotic treatment, or gum surgery. For any questions about gum disease or its potential treatments, call or visit our office today.