4 Ways to Scare Away Tooth Decay this Halloween

Halloween might be a fun holiday for you and your friends, but it could be a pretty scary holiday for your smile, especially if you don’t take good care of your teeth and gums. If you don’t keep your smile in tip-top shape this Halloween season, there is a chance the sugary treats could threaten your smile and cause tooth... read more »

The Techniques to Include in Your Oral Hygiene Routine

Maintaining a strong, healthy, and beautiful smile can be a tough job, but it doesn’t have to be. If you have the proper techniques in your oral hygiene routine, your chompers will be deeply cleaned on a regular basis and you will have a higher chance of achieving your smile goals. To help you have the best oral hygiene routine... read more »

The 5 Best Toothpaste Options Available

Before you grab the first tube of toothpaste you see at the store, our Brookfield Family Dentistry, LLC team encourages you to stop and think for a minute. Toothpaste is a great tool that can safely and effectively clean your smile, but only a few of the toothpaste options do so. So, to help you pick the best toothpaste for... read more »

Fluoride Considerations for your Oral Hygiene Routine

Your oral hygiene routine and the products you choose is one of the cornerstones of strong teeth and a healthy mouth. Research has found that multiple low doses of fluoride exposure in your day will go a long way towards strengthening your tooth enamel to help prevent tooth decay. The enamel of your teeth is made from a microscopic mineral... read more »