Preparing Your Smile for Dental Fillings

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For better oral health care, prepare your smile for dental fillings. With dental fillings, you can enhance your oral health by repairing cavities and preventing future cavities from occurring. Even if you do not have cavities now, they can arise in the future. Dental fillings often come in two main forms known as composite fillings and dental amalgams. Even though they both seek to restore your smile and keep it safe from cavities, the materials in each are vastly different.

Your two best choices for treating cavities are dental amalgams and tooth-colored fillings also called composites. Dental amalgams use a mixture of metals with mercury as a binding agent to create a durable filling that works best on large cavities. Alternatively, composites work best on smaller and medium-sized cavities.

One of the most crucial benefits of composites is their ability to blend in with your teeth. Since dental amalgams use metals, they retain their shiny metallic look. Composites are resin-based and thus offer up a natural tooth-like look. Furthermore, composites are known to be mercury free.

Due to the nature of their construction, dental composites can prevent fractures better than dental amalgams. When a dental amalgam is broken, it must be removed and replaced. When composites are broken, they can be repaired repeatedly without taking out the original fillings

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