Keeping Your Smile Safe for Halloween: Caring for Your Teeth

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Do you have an effective plan to help care for your teeth this Halloween? Always make sure to exercise caution with any products that can easily damage your smile, including overly sugary sweets, extremely acidic foods and drinks, hard foods that can chip and crack teeth, and chewy sweets which can stick to your teeth and gums and increase tooth decay rates.

Munching on sweets long after the Halloween season can greatly increase your risk for tooth decay. The longer your teeth are in contact with sugars, the more the tooth decay will occur. Thus, dispose of any sweets after the holiday ends.

If you have any children, it is important to limit their intake of treats. Although your children may not be willing to give up their candy willingly, there are numerous rewards you can offer in exchange for their candy. After trick-or-treating, you can swap out their candy with money, toys, or other incentives to help keep their smile in tip-top shape.

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