Dental Crowns Can Protect Your Smile in Many Ways

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There are many harmful dental conditions that can be repaired with the placement of a dental crown. We offer further insight on how dental crowns can repair teeth affected by the following dental health conditions:

– Bruxism damage: Tooth damage such as wear and tear and short teeth can indicate a habit of clenching and grinding your teeth, which may require you to receive dental crowns in order to replace lost tooth structure.

– Tooth breakage: Sometimes, teeth can break as a result of an oral injury or vulnerable tooth structure, resulting in the need for a dental crown to repair damage.

– Big dental filling: If you have a dental filling placed over half the tooth, covering the tooth with dental crown can prevent fracture by keeping the filling and the tooth bonded together.

– Unflattering teeth: Dental crowns can provide cosmetic dentistry by covering tooth gaps and misshapen or discolored teeth so that your smile looks both natural and beautiful.

– Root canal treatment: Following root canal treatment to remove infection from a tooth, many patients receive a dental crown to prevent the empty space the tooth from being affected by bacteria.

– Cracked teeth: In the event of tooth fracture, a dental crown helps to distribute an even bite force across the tooth when biting or chewing with that tooth.

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