Dental Bridges and Its Effect on Your Dental Health

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Have you ever yearned for a full smile after you lost a tooth or had one taken out? If they are your permanent teeth, no new ones will grow back in their place. However, to avoid oral health hazards to your remaining teeth and gums, the missing teeth must be replaced.

Dental bridges are semi-permanent tooth restoration services that can bridge the gap to a healthier smile without the fear of your teeth falling out. Dental bridges are attached directly to other healthy teeth or implants within your mouth for a durable hold that can withstand the rigors of daily chewing and speaking. What’s more, dental bridges can be fully modified and altered to look and function the same as your other teeth.

With the proper care and attention, a standard dental bridge can last over a decade, and in some cases, much longer. Some patients have had dental bridges last for their entire lives without the need for additional replacements. However, if your bridges should become injured or misaligned, they can easily be repaired or replaced so they can continue to offer you the wonderful benefits they can provide.

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