A Dental Fracture Might Need to Be Treated by a Dental Crown

There are times when grinding your teeth at night or improvising your teeth as tools can impart enough force to cause a dental fracture. The damage to the tooth enamel can vary in severity. However, even a minor dental fracture needs to be seen by Dr. Morelli and Dr. Bullock.... Read more »

Good Food Is Medicine

Hippocrates, a famous physician of ancient Greece, once said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates was right (which is why he’s so famous), and modern doctors, including our dentists, Drs. Morelli and Bullock, still want their patients to practice the philosophy of Hippocrates. Basically, when... Read more »

A Dental Implant Can Help Remedy Tooth Loss Complications

Each of the teeth in your mouth relies on its neighbors to provide the necessary structure to maintain correct alignment in your bite pattern. When a tooth is lost to severe decay or a treatment-based extraction, the alteration in oral structure can have profound ramifications. As time goes by, the... Read more »

The Best Smile Makeovers Are Done with Dental Veneers

The best smile makeovers are done with dental veneers. Dental veneers are a specialized form of tooth restoration that can cosmetically enhance the look of teeth and provide an additional layer of protection to the fronts of teeth. Dental veneers are popular among those seeking a flawless smile that may... Read more »

Can Your Smile’s Color Be Changed Easily?

Can your smile’s color be changed easily? By removing stains and discolorations with teeth whitening treatments, you can improve the aesthetic color of your smile much faster. With teeth whitening treatments, you have 3 amazing service choices to choose from: At-home Whitening: At-home whitening products are administered by the patient... Read more »

What Is the Most Effective Way to Treat Your Smile?

What is the most effective way to treat your smile? By removing stains and discolorations with teeth whitening treatments, you can enhance the aesthetic color of your smile much faster. With teeth whitening treatments, you have 3 fantastic service choices to choose from: Over-the-counter Whitening: Over-the-counter whitening treatments are the... Read more »

Your Options for Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you unsatisfied with anything about your teeth? Do you have a fractured or missing tooth? Are you simply hoping to improve the color of your smile? Luckily, if you have any of these dental issues, we can help you keep your pearly white healthy and strong. For example, if... Read more »

Tongue Scrapers Will Keep Denture Wearers’ Tongues Clean and Breath Smelling Fresh

People with dentures should take extra care to clean their tongue. The tongue has several rough surfaces to help you break down your food while eating, and these contours can hide plaque and bacteria which can cause a lot of problems, including bad breath if left unchecked. You should brush... Read more »

Tooth Discoloration Due to Trauma: What You Should Know

You probably know that your teeth can suffer from a number of injuries—but did you know that your pearly whites could change color after you suffer trauma? While you may think teeth whitening could be enough to correct this problem, it actually isn’t. Fortunately, there are many things you could... Read more »

Top Tips for Your Oral Health

The importance of maintaining your oral health habits is paramount for keeping tooth decay at bay and your smile bright and shining. If you begin to let your oral health care slide, your teeth and gums will not be able to provide you with the care they are capable of.... Read more »