Beat Oral Cancer by Knowing the Early Signs

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Oral cancer is very serious, but it is also highly treatable when detected early on. Our team encourages you to recognize the symptoms that could reveal an issue. It’s important to receive routine oral cancer screenings by visiting the dentist for dental checkups. You can also detect oral cancer in its early stages by monitoring your oral health for the following early symptoms:

– Thick tissues patches, swelling or sores: You should mention any new oral health developments to our dentist, especially if you are experiencing thick patches of tissue, swelling and soreness. These developments can occur in all parts of the mouth, from the lips and tongue to the sinuses and throat. These symptoms may be caused by a harmless cold or sinus infection, but they should be seen by our dentist if they are still around after two weeks.

– Ear pain: Ongoing ear pain is often the result of an ear infection, but if it is lasting longer than it should and doesn’t include any hearing loss, it may be an early symptom of oral cancer and should be examined by a professional.

– Loose teeth: Loose permanent teeth that weren’t caused by oral trauma and occur despite a diligent oral care routine are usually a sign of an oral health problem. If you have loose teeth, we encourage you to see our dentist

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