A Dental Implant Can Help Remedy Tooth Loss Complications

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Each of the teeth in your mouth relies on its neighbors to provide the necessary structure to maintain correct alignment in your bite pattern. When a tooth is lost to severe decay or a treatment-based extraction, the alteration in oral structure can have profound ramifications.

As time goes by, the teeth neighboring the void can start to drift out of their correct alignment. When they meet poorly with their partner teeth in your bite pattern, it can cause damage to the tooth enamel. Should dental attrition or chips develop on these teeth, it can cause further undue problems.

To prevent this from happening and to restore the full function of your mouth, the Dr. Morelli and Dr. Bullock at Brookfield Family Dentistry, LLC might recommend a dental implant. This is a two-phase dental restoration that starts by installing a titanium abutment into the underlying bone structure.

The implant placement can often be performed in a single outpatient session with a specialist. You will need to be fully sedated during this time, so someone will need to drive you home and lend you a hand while your senses clear.

Once the abutment has achieved total fusion with the surrounding bone tissues, our dentists can fit it for a standard crown. With proper care and maintenance, this should restore your missing tooth for many years to come

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